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DSG Computer Services

Look at what people have been saying about us:

I have worked with David Greenblatt throughout his service at Key. Ask anyone at Key about Dave and you will hear nothing but the word exceptional. He is saught after since his experience, knowledge and can do attitude will get the job done. He’s never too busy for anyone and you can be guaranteed he will follow through.He is an invaluable resource, pro-active and dedicated to service his clients. I have worked with him on the day-to-day problems and his focus to detail and thinking outside the box makes the experience rewarding. He is comfortable working with line staff as well as senior management. He works endlessly and is not afraid to jump in to resolve any issue. You will find him a true self starter and an invaluable contributor that can lend value to any team. 



-Sandy Wetherby



I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Dave Greenblatt.  Dave has been the field support representative for Key Equipment Finance in our Superior office and I have worked with him over the past three years of my employment with Keybank.  Dave provided support for our technology team up until this past September when we moved to a new location.  Dave has earned a reputation with our technology team as a tenacious problem solver.  When our team recently had a crash on a server that housed our source code, Dave went to work on providing a solution to restore the information updated from the previous backup.  The team submitted a ‘Star Award’ for Dave because of his due diligence to stay on this issue until full resolution.  Dave is responsive and has a natural ability to speak at all users’ technical level.  He resolves issues quickly and has a calm, confident presence which is essential to users when they are in a crisis situation requiring immediate support.  Dave is an asset to our organization.



-Cheryl Cole




Dave's passion for technology and vast experience give him what's needed to be a success in any situation. His team building skills and personality make him a natural leader, in any organization. It is my pleasure to personally and professionally recommend Dave.



-Robert Zullo




Dave is extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of technology. Dave consistently provides excellent technical support while also ensuring to provide excellent customer service at the same time. Dave was a well respected team player and was always willing to mentor and support anyone who required his assistance. Dave would be a fantastic addition to any team, his technical, as well as interpersonal skills will allow him to excel in any and all endeavors he becomes involved in



-Andrew Ashcroft



Dave is amazing! He's proven himself to be reliable, flexible and has shown the patience and fortitude to work through even the most difficult of IT issues we've experienced. We trust him with any project and he always displays the utmost professionalism and confidentiality with sensitive data. He's the best!!! 


-Bradley Steenhoek



As a personal acquaintance of Dave's, I asked him for help upgrading my Apple MacBook Pro because I live nearly two hours from any Apple stores. Dave came to my house prepared and eager to work on my computer. I did not understand that this is a long process given the Internet speed in my very rural location. But Dave understood this ahead of time and had already downloaded the information he needed to install on my computer onto a thumb drive instead of us having to wait hours and hours to download the information off the Internet. Everything worked well, and Dave even stayed to make sure that I understood all the new formats. He also took extra time to help my husband with a problem he was having on his Toshiba PC. Dave is very personable, and competent in helping individuals with their unique computer problems, whether they own an Apple or PC. I highly recommend Dave Greenblatt to help you fix your computer problems of any kind.


-Susan Frostman




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